Muninn 1.1 release

My account and password database Muninn, was released in version 1.1 today. This is a bug fix and language extension release.

– The program can now be used in three languages : Dutch, German and English.

– Various small errors were fixed.

– Entering password is now easier. The copy and paste buffer can be used to paste a password from another source into the password fields. Be careful though, pasting a wrong word isn’t checked using this way.

– When the general password hasn’t been entered, the system beep is heard.

– column sizing is now automatic and stored in the application configuration file.

Muninn is released on :

– Apple Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

– MS Windows 7 and higher, in 32 and 64 bit variants.

– FreeBSD 10.0 64 bit variant. Please not you will have install wxWidgets, SQLite3 and Botan yourself on this platform (no port mechanism has been introduced yet).

A Linux variant will be released at some point (I prefer FreeBSD to Linux so I do not have a Linux system at my disposal).

Please take notice that Muninn’s database file structure and encryption/decryption are completely platform-independent. This means a password database which was created on Apple Mac OS X can be used without any issues on Windows or other platforms, or vice versa. You must however, maintain the same master password if you use the file on multiple computers.

Munnin Binaries can be found on my FTP server in the muninn directory.

Muninn, de Login en Wachtwoord database is bijna klaar

Muninn, mijn nieuwe applicatie om logins en passwords gemakkelijk te onthouden, is bijna klaar. Een beta versie heb ik al  geplaatst in op de FTP Server.

Muninn is een snelle gemakkelijke login en password database. In tegenstelling tot anderen heb ik deze geschreven met het oog op :

  • Maximale eenvoud. Geen poespas met vele mogelijkheden en invulvelden.
  • Modern. Geen archaïsche GUI interface, maar gewoon wxWidgets 3.0 .
  • Cross-Platform :
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 en hoger
    • Microsoft Windows 7 en hoger, in i386 en x86_64 variant
    • Linux x86_64 Debian installer
    • FreeBSD 10 x86_64
  • Niet web-gebaseerd. Informatie die over het internet wordt verstuurd is kwetsbaar. Muninn bewaart de informatie op de lokale schijf.

Een afbeelding van de beta versie is hier :

Dit is de Mac OS X versie, anderen volgen nog.

Kalender nu ook in Windows versie

Ik heb een WIN32 installer gebouwd voor de kalender applicatie, dus de kalender draait nu ook onder Windows.

Verder een voorzichtig begin gemaakt met vertalingen, de kalender kan meer of minder worden omgeschakeld naar Duits en Engels.

Hier is een screenshot van de kalender (Apple versie) :

Alle bestanden zijn te vind op de FTP server.

Casio calculators

Recently I purchased a new calculator because someone pointed out to me the truly amazing capabilities (natural textbook display) of Casio’s new fx-115ES calculator. Costing under €30, the calculator offers an astounding 403 functions, conversions and solvers. It also displays fractions as true fractions, in addition to the standards floating point display format.. It can handle tables for linear or cubic interpolation for which the data entry is pretty easy. It performs numerical differential and integration, and solves equations with Newton-Rapson. It can even do (limited) vector and matrix calculations.

Even though I am a big fan of Texas Instruments integrated circuits (especially  their MSP430  microcontrollers, their ADCs (ADS1178) and power ICs (TPS84620) ) I prefer Casio’s calculators over TI’s. They are not as bulky, you can get your results more quickly and they cost a lot less.

When I got the new calculator , I realised I had purchased the fx-115 before. The first model I got was the fx-115 in 1985, when I was in school. Later, it also served me well as a student at Delft University of Technology.  Looking for a model that would help me with complex numbers, I bought  the fx-115W when I worked at Oresis Communications in 2001. This was my main computational workhorse in the new millennium. And, this year I purchased the amazing fx-115ES. In a way I have been quite intimate with the fx-115 family for 26 years!

All calculators, including the 26 years old fx-115, still work flawlessly, a testimony to Casio’s build quality. Begin solar driven, I never had to replace a battery. The fx-115 now lives in a kitchen drawer and is used for domestic purposes.

My calculators are  (running [math] sqrt {2} /4 [/math]:






Don’t use the provider Llama Communications!

In early June 2005 I got an email from Llama Communications saying there were closing shop because of a bankruptcy. This caused me a lot of work, because domain registrations as well as email and www traffic were coming through Llamacom.

The person running the company,  Michael Grafft in West Des Moines, IA, was very emphatic but said he couldn’t do anything about it.

I switch to a local DNS registrator, Argeweb, and haven’t had any problems since switching. But Michael Grafft lied about Llamacom! They are still in business. Why they forced me out, I don’t know. He never answered my questions why or how things went wrong. So Michael, if you read this, why did you lie to me?