Kalender version 2.0 released

My Birthday and events calender (called “Kalender” after the Dutch word for calender) was released as version 2.0 today.


The program now sports a detached picture window, as opposed the old picture window in the main program. His was done to accommodate different picture sizes and formats more easily.

The languages features were updated and the program can be used in Dutch, German or English now.

A column indicating the age of the event has been added.

And a number of small bug fixes have been applied.

Kalender 2.0 is released on :

– Apple Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

– MS Windows 7 and higher, in 32 and 64 bit variants.

– FreeBSD 10.0 64 bit variant. Please not you will have install wxWidgets and SQLite3┬á yourself on this platform (no port mechanism has been introduced yet).

Please take notice that Kalender’s database file structure is completely platform-independent. The makers of SQLite3 have done a very nice job of maintaining binary compatibility for SQLite databases and this application can take advantage of that fact (SQLite3 excels in many other aspects too…. it is a super database). This means an event database which was created on Apple Mac OS X can be used without any issues on Windows or other platforms, or vice versa.

Kalender Binaries can be found on my FTP server in the kalender directory.

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